Pre-Application Conference Request

The pre-application meeting (pre-app) is designed to provide the information you will need to submit a land use, site development, or building permit application. The pre-app is the first step in the City’s permitting process. Representatives from Planning, Building, Public Works, Engineering, and Fire Departments may attend as appropriate to discuss the requirements for a given proposal.

Please note that:

  • Pre-apps are scheduled within 2-4 weeks of request and subject to agency representative availability.
  • The content of a pre-app is considered public information unless the applicant requests it be kept confidential.
  • Information communicated by City staff during a pre-app is preliminary, and contingent upon information submitted by the applicant. Any change of plans or incorrect information from the applicant may invalidate the information relayed. Requests to review plans that have been modified after a pre-app may require an additional pre-app and fee.
  • Staff review during a pre-app is preliminary, does not substitute for building plan review, and in no way should be construed as a final planning decision. Review of your submitted application may reveal additional requirements that apply to your project.
  • Development conditions in the City can change quickly. Staff reserves the right to require an additional pre-app should changes in conditions affect the development potential of your property.
  • The meeting fee will be credited towards the land use application or building permit cost, if submitted within one year of the date of the pre-app. No refund will be given if no application is submitted.

To request a pre-application conference, you must submit the following in person at City Hall or via email.

  1. Signed pre-application conference request form containing all information requested, found below.
  2. Site plan. Site plan requirements found below.
  3. Payment, see Fee Schedule.

Payment may be made online, in person at City Hall, or by mail – PO Box 958, Estacada, OR 97023.

Land use applications and/or proposals that are not permitted as an outright use in the underlying zone will require Step 2. Planning and Public Review. Outright uses may proceed to Step 3. Public Works and Engineering Review.

Pre-Application Packet (PDF) Site Plan Requirements (PDF)

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