Get Involved

The City of Estacada has many volunteer opportunities available. Please learn more about each of the opportunities below.

For questions please contact the City at (503) 630-8270.

City Council

The City Council serves on an unpaid, voluntary basis. The mayor is elected at large for a 2-year term, and serves as the chair of the city council. The remaining 6 council members are elected at large for 4- year terms. The city council is non-partisan.

Each year, the City Council sets goals for the community and the city government. These goals help direct the budget and work program for city staff. The Council also establishes policies that help guide decision-making.

Planning Commission

The Estacada Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and acting upon land use applications and to make recommendations to the City Council on land use issues. The Commission meets monthly, as needed, generally on the fourth Thursday of the month to hear land use applications and planning staff reports.

The Planning Commission is made up of 7 volunteers that are appointed by the City Council. They serve 4-year terms and are comprised of citizens within the city limits and citizens within the 97023 zip code.

Estacada Area Arts Commission

The mission of the Estacada Area Arts Commission is to make the arts a presence in the community, enhance the culture of the community by supporting local artists, connect with larger regional arts organizations, and encourage the arts in education.

The Estacada Area Arts Commission was established by the Estacada City Council in September 1997. The Council appoints 7 volunteers who serve a 2-year term. 3 members must live in the city limits of Estacada and 4 members must reside in the Estacada School District.

Parks and Recreation Commission

This Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the city council and planning commission on the location, service areas, sitting, standards, class, numbers and needs for existing and future parks within the community. Works to identify desirable future park locations consistent with established plans and standards.

The Commission consists of 7 members appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council. At least 3 of the members must be residents of the city. A non-resident member must reside within the boundaries of the Estacada School District.

Downtown Estacada Commission

The Commission plays an advisory role, giving input to the City Council on matters impacting Downtown Estacada, but is also a working board which executes programs, projects, and initiatives that support cultural and economic activity downtown. They also play a key role in historic and heritage preservation as a key strategy for economic development. The DEC consists of seven members. No fewer than three members shall be residents, business owner-operators, and/or property owners in/of the city. The remaining members shall reside within the Estacada School District No. 108 boundaries. Initially four members shall serve a three-year term and three shall serve a two-year term. At the expiration of the initial terms, each position shall be filled for a two-year term.

Budget Committee

The Estacada Budget Committee is made up of 14 members consisting of the 7 city councilors and 7 citizens of Estacada appointed by the council. The term of office for each appointed member is 3 years. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the City’s annual budget and, specifically, to establish the property tax levies.

Library Board

The board is an advisory body required by the state to oversee the fiscal and policy operations of the library.

The board is comprised of 5 members that serve 4-year terms. 2 members must live in the city limits of Estacada, 3 members can be from within the School District. They meet the fourth Thursday at the Estacada Library.

Infrastructure Committee

The committee is comprised of 6 members that serve 3-year terms. 3 members must live in the city limits of Estacada, 1 member can be from the Urban Growth Boundary area, 1 member is a representative of Reliance Connects, and the final member is a representative of PGE. The Committee is staffed by the City Manager and Public Works Director.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The DEIC is a volunteer advisory committee established by the City Council to serve as a liaison to the City on matters related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The committee is comprised of 7 members residing in Estacada School District boundaries that serve 2 or 3-year terms.

Traffic and Public Safety Committee

The TPSC is an advisory committee which recommends to council traffic and public safety priorities and programs. To serve on this committee you must be a resident inside city limits or own a business inside city limits. The initial term will have four members on a 3-year term, the remaining three members will serve 2 years.