Business Licensing

Business License Renewal

Business license renewal forms are mailed in January of each year to all active businesses on file with the City of Estacada. Please contact the Community Development Department at (503) 630-8286 if you have questions about the renewal process.

Application Process for New Businesses

Estacada Municipal Code Section 5.04 requires all businesses located in or working within city limits to obtain a City of Estacada business license prior to operating a business. This also applies to home-based businesses, short term rentals and door-to-door solicitation permits.

You can download the application below, or visit Estacada City Hall to pick up a copy. If you would like an application mailed to you, please call City Hall to make that request.

For businesses located within city limits, a System Development Charge (SDC) worksheet is also required. This worksheet is used to determine if your proposed business will need to pay additional SDCs.

Completed applications can be dropped off at City Hall or mailed to our offices. Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate City and local agencies to verify zoning, and compliance with relevant land use laws and fire regulations. Once the application is approved and ready to be issued, you will be notified. At that time, the necessary fee(s) will be paid, after which the license will be issued.

Solicitors are required to obtain a City of Estacada business license to operate within the City. A separate permit is required for each solicitor.

Business License Fees

The annual license fee for each fiscal year is set by Council Resolution (see Fee Schedule) and remains the same for the calendar year. Each branch establishment of any business is considered a separate business, and therefore required to hold its own license.

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