Planning & Public Review

For land use applications and/or proposals that are not permitted as an outright use in the underlying zone:


The time involved in the Planning approval stage of your development takes three months or more provided that your application does not require an amendment to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. State law requires the City to render a final decision, including appeals, within 120 days of a complete application. Your diligence in submitting all pertinent information up front will help the process along and enable you to receive a decision in a reasonable amount of time.

Public Review Process

  • Once the required information has been submitted, a public hearing is scheduled before the Planning Commission and Public Hearing Notices are mailed to surrounding property owners and other interested people.
  • Planning Staff and other City Divisions review your application documents to determine whether it meets City Code and the standards of other governing agencies.
  • A Staff Report is written listing how your application meets the standards and where there are deficiencies, with conditions of approval listed in order to meet those deficiencies.
  • The Planning Division distributes this Staff Report one week prior to the scheduled public hearing. A timeline for each of the steps follows this page.

The Planning Commission, a Board of 7 volunteer citizens, reviews the application, listens to citizen concerns, and renders a decision regarding your application. Their decision is final unless a Zone Change or Comprehensive Plan text or map amendment is proposed, for which a City Council decision is required. The Planning Commission’s decision can be appealed to the City Council.

Once the project has received Planning approval, building plans can be submitted to City Hall for review and permit issuance.

For a complete directory of downloadable forms and applications for land-use actions, see the Zoning and Land Use Forms page.

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