Budget Committee

Estacada, like all local governments in Oregon, must prepare and adopt an annual budget. This budget must be completed by June 30th, the day before the start of the fiscal year to which it relates. The budget process is set up so to encourage citizen involvement in the preparation of the budget before its final adoption. The budget process followed in the preparation of the City of Estacada’s, budget complies with local budget law established by the State of Oregon.

The Estacada Budget Committee is made up of 14 members consisting of the 7 city councilors and 7 citizens of Estacada appointed by the council. The term of office for each appointed member is 3 years. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the City’s annual budget and, specifically, to establish the property tax levies.

Budget Committee

VACANT3/31/26CityBudget Committee
Brent Dodrill3/31/26CityBudget Committee
Justin Gates3/31/26CityBudget Committee
Wess Steffanson3/31/26CityBudget Committee
Vincent Bellomo3/31/25CityBudget Committee
Suzanne Sager3/31/25CityBudget Committee
Teresa Davis3/31/25CityBudget Committee

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