System Development Charges

The purpose of the System Development Charge is to impose a portion of the cost of specified capital improvements upon those developments that create the need for or increase the demands on these capital improvements.


The methodology used to establish the reimbursement fee shall consider the cost of then-existing facilities, prior contributions by then-existing users, rate-making principles employed to finance publicly owned capital improvements, and other relevant factors identified by the council. The methodology shall promote the objective that future systems users shall contribute no more than an equitable share of the cost of then-existing facilities.

The methodology used to establish the improvement fee shall consider the cost of projected capital improvements needed to increase the capacity of the systems to which the fee is related.

The methodology used to establish the improvement fee or the reimbursement fee, or both, shall be contained in a resolution adopted by the council.

The city shall maintain a list of persons who have made a written request for notification prior to adoption or amendment of a methodology for any system development charge.

System Development Charges Table (PDF)

System Development Charges Financing Application (PDF)

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