Standard Construction Drawings

The City of Estacada maintains standard specifications and detailed drawings for construction of public facilities. All public improvements are required to conform to these specifications. The Standard Construction Specifications posted here reflect the most recent version of these documents and drawings. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure all bids, proposals, plans, and submittals conform to the most recent version at the time the work is bid or approved. The City of Estacada assumes no responsibility for contractors and/or engineers that submit plans based on an outdated version of these documents and drawings.

201 STD Street Section (PDF)
202 TYP Curb, Curb & Gutter (PDF)
203 Typical Sidewalk (PDF)
204 Sidewalk Obstructions (PDF)
205 Sidewalk Access Ramps (PDF)
205 Sidewalk Access Ramps (PDF)
208 Alley (PDF)
206 Sidewalk Access Ramps (PDF)
207A Driveway/Alley Approach (PDF)
207B Driveway/Alley Approach (w/planter strip) (PDF)
207C Driveway,Alley Approach (w/depressed curbline sidewalk) (PDF)
209 Concrete Joints (PDF)
210 Driveway Connection (PDF)
211 Street Cut (PDF)
213 Utility Locations (PDF)
301 Shallow Service Branch (PDF)
302 Deep Service Branch (PDF)
303 Standard Manhole (PDF)
304 Flat Top Manhole (PDF)
305 Inside Drop Connection (PDF)
305 Outside Drop Connection (PDF)
306 Manhole Cover & Frames (PDF)
305 Outside Drop Connection (PDF)
307 Cleanout (PDF)
308 Trench Backfill, Bedding & Pipe Size (PDF)
310 Bore Casing Detail (PDF)
309 Concrete Cradle & Cap (PDF)
313 Utility Locations (PDF)
311 Manhole Adjustment (PDF)
312 Pollution Control Manhole (PDF)
314 Subsurface Drain Detail (PDF)
315 Pipe Anchor Detail (PDF)
316 Area Drain (PDF)
317 Ditch Inlet (PDF)
318 Type G-1, G-2 Catch Basin w/sump (PDF)
401 Fire Hydrant Assembly (PDF)
402 3/4″ Water Meter (PDF)
403 Valve Box Assembly (PDF)
404 STD 2″ Blow-Off Assembly (PDF)
405 4″ & 6″ Blow-Off Assembly (PDF)
406 Air Release & Valve Assembly (2″ & smaller) (PDF)
408 Root Barrier (PDF)
407 Thrust Blocking (PDF)
409 Water Line Testing (PDF)
410A Water Line Disinfecting (PDF)
411 Water Line Flushing (PDF)
410B Water Line Disinfecting (PDF)
412 Water Sampling Station (PDF)
412A Water Pipe & Fittings (PDF)
412B Water Line Pipe & Fittings (PDF)

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