Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee reviews and recommends policies and practices of Estacada’s public infrastructure system to the Estacada City Council. Additionally, they recommend infrastructure improvements annually for budgeting purposes.

The committee is comprised of 6 members that serve 3 year terms. 3 members must live in the city limits of Estacada, 1 member can be from the Urban Growth Boundary area, 1 member is a representative of Reliance Connects, and the final member is a representative of PGE. The Committee is staffed by the City Manager and Public Works Director.

Meeting Schedule: 3rd Wednesdays at Noon, quarterly, as needed. Check here for meeting times.

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Scott CrosbyOngoingReliance Connects RepInfrastructure Committee
Ryan Dunn3/31/26City
Beth MundsOngoingPGE Rep
Denise Carey3/31/25City
Karen Hovda3/31/26City
Gary Warkentin3/31/25UGB
Cr. Michael McElroy - Council liaison

Contact Information

Elaina Turpin
Assistant City Manager
(503) 630-8265
Email the Assistant City Manager