The City of Estacada now offers online submittal for building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits! Save time and apply online.

For assistance, contact the Planning Division:
(503) 630-8286

To apply for a building permit in person:
Visit City Hall
475 SE Main Street
Hours:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(503) 630-8270

  • 2 sets of plans are required, whether for a residential or a commercial project. Only one copy is required if submitting digitally.
  • The documents and plans should be legible and drawn to scale and include a site plan of the property.
  • The site plan is required to show all property lines, lot dimensions, existing and proposed improvements with distances to property lines indicated, driveway location, location of utility lines, and approximate ground slope.
  • The construction plans should include floor plans for each level, all elevations, the dimensions of each room, the location of all doors and windows, and framing and other construction specifications.
  • A building permit application must accompany your plans.
  • You will also be asked for your contractor’s name, phone number, and State Contractor’s Board license number (unless you are doing the work yourself as a homeowner). Your contractor should provide you with that information, because all contractors must be licensed by the state to work in Oregon and have a City of Estacada Business License.
  • To apply for a permit for a project that is limited to electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work – or a combination of any of the three – no construction plans are needed. However, a complete description of the proposed work – and a site plan if you seek to install an air conditioner, heat pump or gas generator – will be required. Your site plan must show the distance from the air conditioner/generator to all property lines. It will then be checked against zoning requirements so that the new unit does not encroach into the setback (the area that must remain free from permanent equipment or structures).
  • Submitted plans are reviewed to ensure that the proposed work complies with the current State adopted codes. These codes may be viewed online at the State’s Building Codes Division’s website.
Building/Plumbing/Mechanical Permit Application Electrical Permit (PDF) Sample Details Needed for a Building Permit (PDF) Development Cost Information Worksheet - Commercial/Industrial (PDF) Estimated Charges Single Family Residential Plot Plan Checklist (PDF) Manufactured Home Permit (PDF) Solar Panel Supplemental Application (PDF) System Development Charges Table (PDF)


Supporting Documents

2023 Adopted Building Permit Fees (PDF)

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