Unexpected / Untamed / Unforgettable

We all know why Estacada is awesome, but does the rest of the world? With the help of a generous grant from Mount Hood Territory, the City contracted with a local Oregon producer to highlight the very best that the Estacada area has to offer.

Check out this video about the culture of Estacada, and then watch a couple more about recreation, the city, and the river. Finally, look for some familiar faces telling us why they are Estacada Proud. These will be used by the City, Chamber of Commerce, County Tourism (Mt. Hood Territory), to promote our area as a great place to live, visit, or adventure.

We Estacadians take great pride in our community’s rich history and culture, and the surrounding wilderness including the Clackamas River. Watch the video below, and learn why we are Estacada Proud.

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