Water Distribution

This activity includes the operation and maintenance of the network of pipes, valves, meters, and fire hydrants that deliver drinking water to consumers at all times. Water meter reading is performed monthly, and utility billing field support occurs daily. The cross-connection control program is administered within this activity.

To ensure compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the Oregon Health Division (OHD) rules and regulations, water is routinely tested at representative sites in the system. Monthly reports submitted to the OHD include results of four microbiological samples, daily turbidity measurements, and chlorine residuals. A complete analysis of all organic and inorganic compounds is done yearly, and water is tested for radiological contaminants every four years. Staff performs sampling and reporting, while laboratory analysis is contracted to a private lab. This activity is funded through water user fees.

Supporting Documents

How to Flush Household Pipes(PDF)

Contact Information

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Public Works Director
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Chris Lewis
Plant Operations Director
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Taryn Brown
Utility Billing/Administration
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