Building Advisement

Please keep in mind that City staff cannot design your project for you.

The Building Department can advise you of current building codes, but if your project is complex or your knowledge of building concepts is limited, you may need to hire a professional to design even a “small” project. Also, before investing time and money in a design, please check with the Planning Department. They can tell you which City codes and ordinances apply to your project, such as setback restrictions, height restrictions, and maximum building footprints for a building lot that must be met.

An initial plan review will be performed by City staff. If changes or clarifications need to be made prior to approval of the plans, Staff will develop a list of plan check corrections that are needed on your plans so that they comply with current codes. This list is mailed to the contact person on your building application and revision sheets (or a new plan set) and any requested supplemental material correcting these items should be resubmitted and the plans will be re-reviewed. If all the corrections have been made, the plans will be approved and taken to Building Official who will prepare the permit for issuance. Every project is assigned a permit number that will remain the permanent record number. If you can cite that number whenever you have questions about your application or permit, we can be more efficient in helping you.

A permit application expires 180 days after the application date. Most plans are reviewed within 2 weeks from application. Visit the Permits page for more information.

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