Sean Drinkwine

First Elected: November 8, 2016
Re-Elected: November 6, 2018
Re-Elected: November 3, 2020
Re-Elected: November 8, 2022
Term Ends: December 31, 2024


Mayor Drinkwine was sworn into the office of Mayor of Estacada on January 9, 2017. First sworn in as a City Councilor in January 2009, Drinkwine had previously served his community for nearly 8 years. He presided over, led, organized, volunteered, and participated in several local organizations and their events including Estacada's Area Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Design Committee, Budget Committee, Development Association, TDC Tourism Board Clackamas County, Downtown and Riverside Area Plan, along with the Timber Festival. Since his City Council term began he also served as a liaison with the Library Board, Parks and Recreation, and the Arts Commission. Most recently, Drinkwine was instrumental in contracting the City of Sandy to provide police coverage for the area.

Longing to live in a small town like the one he was raised, Drinkwine escaped the busy lifestyle of Reno, NV. and relocated to Estacada in 2006. Collaborating with his wife Mary, he co-founded and currently co-owns/operates a local service related business. He is thoughtful, kind, considerate, a devoted family man, yet business minded and driven for success. He is passionate about the future of his community, and helping others succeed.

As a small business owner, he understands the challenges faced during economic recession. A demonstrated leader with a strong desire to serve, he will utilize the knowledge/experience gained as a city councilor. As Mayor, he will promote the progress and development to generate business opportunities, jobs, and tourism. Yet maintain the beauty and enchantment of Estacada, for community members and visitors to experience and enjoy for many years to come.

Goals as They Relate to Position

Mayor Drinkwine has an enduring desire to continue the progression and development of Estacada while listening to community members wishes and concerns on a regular basis. He is always available to answer questions and strives to solve problems as they occur.

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