LUCS Instructions

Those who intend to operate a marijuana business in the City of Estacada will need a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) as required by OLCC.

  1. Please submit your completed Land Use Compatibility Statement form to City Hall, or electronically to the Planning division. No site plan will be required if the subject property is in Estacada’s M-1 Light Industrial zone.
  2. Submit payment at the time of application. Payment may be submitted online or at City Hall by check or cash. See the City of Estacada’s adopted fee schedule for the current cost. If paying online, select “Invoice.” For “Invoice No.”, please enter “LUCS” followed by the address of the subject site.
  3. City Staff will process the form and will notify you when completed.
  4. You may pick up your signed LUCS from City Hall, or receive it via email.

Please contact City Staff with questions.


Contact Information

Community Development Department
Zoning & Planning

(503) 630-8286
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