Public Computers & WiFi

The Estacada Library has 16 public computers with Internet access, two children’s computers equipped with educational games, four catalog computers for searching the LINCC collection, and free Wi-Fi access. Public computer access requires a valid library card and a personal identification number (PIN). Public computers can be reserved for a specific date and time.

Computer Use Policy & Computer Services

By logging in to use the Library’s computers you agree to the following rules and acknowledge that you understand the limits of the Library’s responsibility:

  • Computers and networks are State assets. You are expected to use them in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner. Deliberately crashing, vandalizing, or otherwise compromising a computer or network, or other library computer equipment, degrading performance, or unnecessarily consuming large amounts of system resources are serious offenses that may result in loss of library privileges and disciplinary action or criminal charges.
  • Parents or guardians, NOT the library or its staff, are responsible for Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. The Estacada Public Library cannot protect you from materials you may find offensive.
  • Respect other library computer users and do not harass or interfere with them.
    Internet computers are available for one-hour sessions, with a maximum of 90 minutes of Internet access per day.
  • Attempts to circumvent or violate a work station, network or host security will suspend your rights to the access of library computers. (ORS 164.377 Computer crime)
  • The Internet contains controversial material and some information is not accurate. You are responsible for the material you access.
  • Oregon Law (ORS 167.080, 167.087 and the definitions in 167.060 to 167.095) prohibits the display of obscenity in public places. Nudity and pornographic images shall not be accessed and sexually explicit chat shall not be used. Profanity shall not be used in communicating. You are responsible for all language and graphics displayed on your monitor. If you are seen viewing explicit material, you will be issued a verbal warning. On the second offense, you will lose Internet privileges for one week; third offense, 30 days; fourth offense, 90 days. The City of Estacada does not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. You may not display or print materials which may be objectionable to staff or the public. If these standards are not followed you will be banned from using the Library’s computers, and you may be prosecuted in accordance with City ordinances and State and Federal statutes concerning pornography and harassment.
  • Watch for the display of copyright notices on Web sites. Respect the intellectual property rights of the owner or creator of the information you use.
  • By logging on to a Library computer, you forfeit your right to privacy. Anything you view is subject to scrutiny by library staff and/or law enforcement agencies.
  • Users of the library’s Wi-Fi system are subject to the same rules and policies as users of our desktop computer workstations.

Failure to follow these rules, the Library’s Internet Use Policy and Rules of Conduct, will result in loss of library privileges and/or criminal prosecution or other legal action.

Computer access will be denied to anyone who violates the above stated policies.