Jerry Tenbush

First Elected: November 6, 2018
Re-Elected: November 8, 2022
Term Ends: December 31, 2026


Councilor Tenbush grew up in many different communities across the western US. He moved to Estacada in 1997 met his wife Rielly and hasn’t left. They have 2 children that have both recently graduated from Estacada High School and are attending college. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Performing Arts Group of Estacada. He served 7 years in the Estacada High School Boosters Club, has volunteered at the Estacada Summer Celebration, the Timber Festival, and has coached various youth sports in the Estacada community.

Councilor Tenbush has worked in the automotive industry for the last 25 years. He currently works in the parts department at Toyota of Gladstone.

Goals as They Relate to Position

Councilor Tenbush wishes to partner with the community members of Estacada to create a safe, family-oriented community that thrives. He hopes to see the storefronts on Broadway open and prosperous.

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