Traffic & Public Safety Committee Application

This committee is tasked with advising the council on traffic and public safety priorities and programs. They meet the 4th Tuesday at 6:00 PM at City Hall Council Chambers.

Below you can read their purpose, apply for the committee online, or download the PDF application.

Traffic & Public Safety Committee Purpose

The TPSC is a volunteer advisory committee established by the City Council in May 2022 to serve as a liaison to the City on matters related to traffic & public safety. The responsibilities of the TPSC shall be as follows:

  • To advise the City Council in the creation, development and implementation of official traffic and public safety activities;
  • Develop and recommend coordinated traffic safety and public safety programs;
    Recommend traffic safety and public safety priorities for the city;
  • Provide research and information to the city on matters related to traffic and public safety;
  • Promote public acceptance of city traffic and public safety programs;
  • Foster public knowledge and support of traffic law enforcement, public safety, and traffic engineering problems and needs; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned by City Council.

Traffic & Public Safety Committee Membership

The committee shall consist of 7 members. No fewer than 4 members shall be residents of the City. Any non-resident member shall reside within the boundaries of the Estacada School District. Initially 4 members shall serve a three-year term and 3 shall serve a two-year term. At the expiration of the initial terms, each position shall be filled for a 2-year term.

Supporting Documents

Committee Application Traffic and Public Safety – English (PDF)
Committee Application Traffic and Public Safety – Spanish (PDF)

Contact Information

Melanie Wagner
City Manager
(503) 630-8275
Email the City Manager

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