Application to Join the Planning Commission

No fewer than 4 members of the commission shall be residents of the city. Any nonresident member of the commission shall reside within the area designated by the United States Postal Service for Zip Code No. 97023. No more than 2 members may engage principally in the buying, selling or developing of real estate for profit. No more than 2 members may be of the same occupation. Please see Estacada Municipal Code section 2.24.030 Membership.

Supporting Documents

Boards and Commissions Code of Conduct (PDF)

Planning Commission Application

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Planning Commission Responsibilities


The role of the planning commission is to develop, maintain, and implement the comprehensive plan, to protect the integrity of your community’s planning process, and to foster the community’s long-term interests. The City’s planning staff will support Planning Commissioners in fulfilling the responsibilities of this role, which include:

  • Comprehensive Planning (i.e. “long-range planning”): Contribute your observations and ideas to the development of a community vision with long-term goals, objectives, and policies that reflect the community’s values and priorities, address existing or upcoming challenges, and meet current and projected needs. Assist the City with Periodic Review: regularly revisiting, evaluating, and updating the Comprehensive Plan goals, policies, and zoning Map to account for changes in local conditions and priorities.
  • Land Use & Development Review (i.e. “current planning”): Review land use proposals (such as subdivisions, zone changes, conditional uses, or legislative amendments to the City’s development code or land use policies) and evaluate the proposals according to the approval criteria that apply to it.
  • Community Liaison: Notice and articulate the needs, experiences, and trends among the local community. Educate the public about the long-range planning and current planning processes, opportunities for public involvement, and the limits of the Planning Commission’s and City Council’s authority in land use decisions.
  • Understand Context & Process: Learn about Oregon’s statewide planning program, the process and purpose of comprehensive (long-range) planning, the local and state agencies involved in planning processes, and how State rules both provide and constrain opportunities for local control of the planning process. Learn about the City’s decision-making processes, the role of city staff and city boards, and the procedures by which legislative and quasi-judicial decisions are made. Familiarize yourself with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Development Code (Title 16 of Estacada Municipal Code).
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By submitted this application you confirm that the information provided is true and accurate and you agree to have your application reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council. You affirm that you will follow the Boards and Commissions Code of Conduct. Your application will be a matter of public record.
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