Parks and Recreation Commission Application

There is created a park and recreation commission which is an advisory board whose duties and responsibilities shall be as follows:

  1. To serve in an advisory capacity to the city council and planning commission on the location, service areas, siting, standards, class, numbers and needs for existing and future parks within the community;
  2. To identify desirable future park locations consistent with established plans and standards;
  3. To explore the feasibility of meeting community park and recreation needs through consolidating grounds and programs with local schools;
  4. To identify park acquisition and development priorities and recommend methods of financing;
  5. To survey recreation and leisure time needs and recommend the roles the city should or ought to pursue in meeting such needs; and
  6. To serve in an advisory capacity to such commissions or committees as now exist or may hereafter be established, when matters under consideration relate to the park and recreation function.

The commission shall consist of 5 members. No fewer than 2 members of the commission shall be residents of the city. Any nonresident member of the commission shall reside within the boundaries of the Estacada School District No. 108.

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Board and Commissions Code of Conduct (PDF)

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