Infrastructure Committee Application

There is created an infrastructure committee, which is an advisory board, whose duties and responsibilities shall be as follows:

  1. Review and make recommendations regarding infrastructure improvement projects for inclusion in the Capital Improvement Plan.
  2. Identify gaps or weaknesses in the city’s infrastructure and recommend remedies.
  3. Review and recommend proposed changes to the water, sewer, storm sewer, parks and transportation systems master plans.
  4. Review infrastructure policies and programs as requested by the City Council.
    Any other duties as recommended by the City Council.

The Committee shall consist of 7 members. 4 members are appointed by the City Council for 3-year terms. The other 3 members are representatives of Reliance Connects, Comcast Cable, and Portland General Electric. No fewer than 3 appointed members of the committee shall be residents of the city. Any nonresident member of the committee shall reside within the Estacada Urban Growth Boundary.

Supporting Documents

Board and Commissions Code of Conduct (PDF)

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