Estacada Public Access Committee

In 1995 the Estacada Public Access Committee was formed to review tapes to be played on the city’s public access station. The Council adopted rules and regulations and appointed a committee to review the tapes. The City Attorney recommended that a non-profit organization should be formed to regulate public access. In October 1995, Articles of Incorporation were filed to create the Estacada Public Access Committee.

In 1997, the City received a letter from the Department of Justice declaring the organization a subdivision of the city and exempted from the provisions of the Charitable Trust Act. The organization was not required to register or file annual reports with the Attorney General’s office.

This organization has never had any assets.

Cascade Access is currently phasing out their cable program and switching to EZ Video. The City is waiting for information from them to see how a public access station would work.

Since the Council meeting DVDs have been the only thing played on the public access station for many years, the Council will consider dissolving the Estacada Public Access Committee.
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