The Committee on Housing Affordability and Diversity (CHAD) is a volunteer advisory committee established by the City Council in September 2020 to advise the Council on matters related to encouraging and/or incentivizing the construction of diverse and affordable types of housing in the City, e.g. market-rate and subsidized multifamily housing.

The purpose of the CHAD is as follows:

  1. Identify relevant issues, barriers, and opportunities relating to affordable housing in the City and surrounding region;
  2. Provide recommendations to the City Council and staff to meet the variety of housing affordability needs in the City;
  3. Assess progress toward meeting housing needs identified in the City’s Housing Needs Analysis and in the County’s Regional Housing Needs Analysis.

The responsibilities of the CHAD:

Meet regularly as a committee, with staff, in order to develop a strategy recommendation to be considered by the City Council that is likely to promote and incentivize the development of diverse and affordable housing within the City of Estacada. Any such strategy should be:

  • Unique to Estacada’s housing needs, as demonstrated by data, e.g. a Housing Needs Analysis;
  • Informed by the perspectives of various housing stakeholder groups;
  • Cmposed of policy, program, and administrative recommendations; (this may or may not include a Construction Excise Tax)
  • Feasible and fair, to the greatest extent possible, in the burdens and/or advantages it may place on various housing stakeholder groups.

Decisions of the Committee shall be made by majority vote, but will not be effective in any way unless subsequently approved by the City Council. Meetings of the Committee will be organized and led by Staff.

Meetings held monthly as CHAD member schedules allow.

CHAD Committee Members

Ben WheelerEmail
Dave CarboneauEmail
Ryan CarpenterEmail
Debra BuftonEmail
Heath StalcupEmail
Roseann JohnsonEmail
Joe SilkowskiEmail
Kelly ClassenEmail
Jill Smith or Joe VennesEmail
Clr. Katy Dunsmuir - council liaisonEmail the Council Liaison