Wastewater Treatment Plant Location

Is the design the city is sharing the final design?

The design showing in the preliminary plan (see page 135 of the Preliminary Design Report) just shows feasibility on the lot. While we are still in the process of layout, many of the processes require a specific layout with buildings set in a strategic position. We may adjust the layout but there are many variables which will ultimately decide the layout.

How was the location chosen?

The original location for the wastewater facility in 2021 was on the Public Works/Portal site. At the direction of the Council, city staff have spent the past two years seeking out options for property where the wastewater facility could be built rather than on the City property, however, due to land use restrictions, costs, time constraints, and the availability of willing property sellers, the most viable location is the City property that was chosen.

How did the City Council discuss and vote on the location of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant? Was the topic on a council agenda?

The Council is allowed to discuss real estate transactions in an executive session, and the City Attorney was advising the City Council through the process so that they would follow any legal requirements. For the August 14, 2023, City Council Meeting, the Wastewater Treatment Plant discussion was an agenda item following executive session. If the Council had directed staff to begin negotiations on a property purchase, they would not have been able to discuss the location of the property that evening. The topic was listed as a general discussion on the agenda following the executive session, and there were members of the public who attended the meeting and commented.

You can view the meeting packet, minutes, and video where the Council discusses their decision here: https://www.cityofestacada.org/bc/meeting/city-council-meeting-0

Following the executive session (which was not recorded) the City Attorney gives a thorough overview of the process and the decision. (approx. 1 hour 26 minutes into the meeting).

Are we too far into the design to consider relocating the Public Works Shops elsewhere to preserve the open space/park land adjacent to the river?

The location is chosen to be the lot that the city owns. We are too far along in the process to change locations. We evaluated building the WWTP on the Public Works shops and rebuilding the shops elsewhere on the same lot. This would add at least $5 million to the project cost. We evaluated moving the Public Works shops and building the WWTP on that location, this would add at least $8-10 million to the project cost.

Will we be able to repurpose the old wastewater plant site?

Yes, the old wastewater plant will be completely decommissioned. That property will eventually be repurposed. The use of that property has not yet been fully considered. The use of the space will need to be decided upon, and then funds raised to build the space for this use.