Do I need City approval for a new ADU?

ADUs are allowed outright as accessory uses in all residential zones (R-1, R-2, and R-3 Zones), as well as the C-2 Commercial-Residential Zone, if in compliance with all of the development standards (such as setbacks, size, appearance, parking, etc.) contained in EMC Chapter 16.61, as well as those development and design requirements of the underlying zone. While there is no ADU application to complete, a building permit must be applied for and granted prior to ADU construction. The building permit application will need to show key features of the proposed ADU, such as egress, fire separation, locations of utility shutoffs, entrances, windows, parking, etc. The City’s Building Official will need to verify that these features are provided and that the structure complies with applicable Building Code requirements on-site before use of the ADU can be approved.