Help us Meet the Housing Needs of Estacada Residents!

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The City invites you to participate in an online open house and survey to help us plan for future housing in Estacada. You can learn more about current and future housing needs in our community and tell us what types of housing you think are most needed here. The online open house and survey is available now and will be open through the end of August.

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This Housing Study will identify current and future housing needs, evaluate the supply of land within the City that can help meet these future needs, and recommend a set of strategies that the City can undertake to meet these needs in partnership with local builders, developers, non-profit organizations and other agencies. The study is being conducted with help of a consultant team that includes Angelo Planning Group and Johnson Economics. The project is being guided by a technical advisory committee that represents a broad range of housing perspectives and expertise. The team has completed preliminary drafts of reports documenting current and future projected housing needs and the supply of buildable land in Estacada that can be developed for housing in the future. Those reports are available for review on the City’s Housing Needs Analysis Project Webpage.

Well be sending project update emails to interested parties throughout the process. Sign up to receive project updates.

Please take the time to participate, keep an eye out for future announcements, and help us plan to meet a full range of housing needs in Estacada!

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