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When the Planning Commission or City Council is required to hold a public hearing, a notice of public hearing is published.  Subjects of public notices may include land use requests, ordinance changes, requests for proposals, requests for qualification or adoption of the budget.

See current public notices below.




A vacancy currently exists on the Estacada City Council following the resignation of Councilor Sean Drinkwine. The City Council declared the vacancy at their March 9, 2015 council meeting. Pursuant to Section 32 of the Estacada City Charter, the City Council fills a vacancy by appointment. The City Council is seeking interested persons to submit applications for appointment to fill the position of City Councilor for a term that expires December 31, 2016.

To be considered for the position you must be a qualified elector under state law, resided within the city limits for at least one year immediately preceding appointment, and not be a city employee. Application forms are available at City Hall, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm; on the city website,; or by calling City Hall at 503-630-8270. Applications must be received at City Hall by 4:00pm on April 17, 2015. Appointment will be made by the City Council at their April 27, 2015.




Notice is hereby given that the City of Estacada Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, February 26, 2015, beginning at 7:00 pm in the Estacada City Council Chambers, Estacada, Oregon, to consider the following application.  The Planning Commission will forward a recommendation to the Estacada City Council, who will hold a public hearing on Monday, March 9, 2015, beginning at 7:00 pm in the Estacada City Council Chambers:  CONTINUED TO THE NEXT MEETING


Ordinance Series of 2015, No. 002 - An Ordinance amending Section 16.64.010 – Intent, purpose and findings; amending Section 16.64.030 – Spatial separation requirements; amending Section 16.64.040 – Adult entertainment business license; and amending Section 16.28.030 listing Adult Entertainment Businesses as a conditional use of the Estacada Municipal Code. Amend the Estacada Municipal Code by amending the spatial separation requirements of adult entertainment businesses, requiring a business license, and allowing them as a conditional use in the General Commercial (C1) zone.    


Ordinance Series of 2015, No. 003 - An Ordinance adding Chapter 16.65 – Marijuana Dispensing Facilities to the Estacada Municipal Code; amending the definition of “Clinic” in Section 16.08.010 of the Estacada Municipal Code; and amending Section 16.28.030 of the Estacada Municipal Code listing Marijuana Dispensing Facilities as a conditional use. Amend the Estacada Municipal Code by adding Chapter 16.65 to define and regulate marijuana dispensing facilities allowed by the State of Oregon, requiring a business license, and allowing them as a conditional use in the General Commercial (C1) zone.


Anyone wishing to present written testimony on these proposed actions may do so in writing prior to or at the Public Hearing.  Testimony and evidence must be directed toward the applicable approval criteria or other criteria, which a person believes to apply to the decision.  Failure to raise an issue in a hearing, in person or by letter, or failure to provide sufficient specificity to afford the decision maker an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal of the Council’s decision based upon that issue. 


Copies of the ordinances are available for inspection at no cost in the City Recorder's Office at City Hall.  Copies of the ordinances will be provided at reasonable cost.  A copy of the City's staff report will be available for inspection at no cost at least seven days prior to the Public Hearing.


Information regarding the application may be obtained from Bill Elliott, City Manager at 503.630.8270.